JARS BY JAS was a full circle monument...

There was no real business decision in the start of Jars by Jas.

In December of 2019, I had an opportunity to reflect on my life and how I wanted to live it. In just three weeks my world had changed. I embarked on a new journey of motherhood and suddenly loss two grandmas. Sleep deprivation and 13 weeks of unpaid maternity leave left me emotionally and financially unstable. Not to mention, starving from nursing and pumping around the clock. So food, specifically in jars gave me comfort. 



OG Strawberries and Crème, was the first and only flavor cheesecake I made for a while -hence “OG”. I made it with Bailey’s Liquor and played around until I felt comfortable to move on with a different flavor. I made them for myself and my husband all the time. It never registered to me to sell them, I only showed them off on social media.



Both of my grandmothers invested time in coaching me to be an entrepreneur and how to fuel my drive. "Little girl, you have always been rebellious. But you make it work.” is what my they would say to me. My Mom's Mom, used to print articles from blogs on entrepreneurship and advised me to be a business owner at 12 years old. She told me I was a boss. That is the most absolute respectable thing you can say to a young adult, just figuring things out. That statement spoke to the heart of my identity. It has always been a reminder to show up in life being the best version of me, no matter how hard things get.



Being a black woman has taught me how to provide for myself in such an unapologetic way. When I had my son, I could not allow myself to depend on my husband. It took a mental toll on me that I could not serve as a financial provider to my baby and household. I viewed my thirteen weeks off work as a moment where I was powerless and complacent. Suddenly it wasn’t about me anymore. That pushed me harder.



 When the pandemic hit, I was working at a hospital and was furloughed every other week. In my weeks off I made batches of Elderberry Syrup in jars, to give to my neighbors. With my hormones and now stress and fear of COVID, I developed a sweet tooth. I went back to making more cheesecakes in jars and turned it into a hobby.



One fine furloughed day, I let my mom try my cheesecake jars. When she said “Girl! You need to sell these!”, with her first bite. I knew I was on to something great!





I did need the convincing! In my opinion my jars are not your traditional heavy cheesecake dessert. The importance to me was creating balance, while adding depth and lightness. 

In some way, I manifested a tangible and tastable creation I had been needing in my life for a long time.

Every jar is piped and layered with love and positive energy.

When I say "Better Get Yours" I mean it! Go after everything you want with faith, and know it will be everything you ever hoped for and desired. 

Thank you!